Social Impact Award 2021: In Summary

Since 2009, the Social Impact Award program has been promoting the knowledge and practice of social entrepreneurship among students in Europe and beyond. This year, Social Impact Award Armenia falls under the scope of the Collaborate for Impact project and is being financed by the European Union.

In 2021, 9 teams were selected to pass through an incubation phase and undergo professional consultancy at Impact Hub Yerevan. All 9 finalists will be able to participate in this year’s Social Impact Award global summit, as it will be online, however, only 1 has received funding of EUR 1,500!

The four main areas of the program include:

  1. Awareness – Create awareness around social entrepreneurship as a potential career.
  2. Education – Provide the youth with the necessary input to found a social enterprise.
  3. Community – Enable the youth to get feedback from experts and peers.
  4. Support – Support the youth with know-how, incubation, and seed funding.

Incubation Phase

Over the course of 2 months, the selected teams underwent a rigorous incubation phase which not only included workshops but also one-on-one mentorship. During this phase, participants were imparted with valuable and useful information, both via workshops and mentorship, to help them prepare for both their online video pitches as well as their offline pitches in front of the jury!

Our Workshop Leaders

Nazareth Seferian Value Proposition

Nazareth Seferian

Nazareth Seferian has been working in sustainable business for more than ten years. He has experience teaching university-level courses and running training sessions on a range of business topics. Within the capacity of Social Impact Awards 2021, however, Nazareth has hosted an informative and in-depth online webinar with this year’s SIA participants on the topic of Value Proposition.

Flora Atoyan Marketing Basics Workshop Poster

Flora Atoyan

Flora Atoyan has been active in the sphere of marketing for the past 7 years and already has 13 years of experience in the service sector under her belt. More recently, she has been sharing her wealth of experience by teaching Marketing and Communication Management at the Armenian State University of Economics. For this year’s Social Impact Awards, she held a workshop with our participants on the subject of Marketing Basics!

Lilit Gharajyan Basic Finance Workshop Poster

Lilit Gharajyan

Lilit Gharajyan has more than 15 years of work experience in the sphere of finance, accounting and insurance. Her Financial Basics workshop delved into the topics of how to start a business, taxation, calculation of expenses and income, the world of financial statements and more!

Louisa Hakobyan

During her workshop on Branding for Startups, Louisa Hakopyan helped our SIA 2021 participants to gain a better understanding of the main stages of the branding process while sharing her own personal insights based on her international experiences. They also began to build their own branding and corporate identity documents.

Our Mentors

Arman Khachatryan

Arman Khachatryan - Social Entrepreneurship Expert

Barkev Iskikian - IT Expert

Barev Iskikian
Lilit Gharajyan

Lilit Gharajyan - Financial Expert

Louisa Hakobyan - Marketing Expert

Louisa Hakobyan
Tatev Mantoian

Tatev Mantoian – Operations Director

Tigran Abovyan – Financial Expert

Tigran Abovyan

Social Impact Award Armenia 2021 Participants

Be Safe

A mobile application that teaches children between the ages suitable for kindergarten to grade school on what to do in the event of an earthquake.


Girlopolis is a series of hackathons for girls and women between the ages of 15-35 who are involved in the IT and business sectors to encourage their ideas, create startups and provide additional skills.


Grandma is an AI-based extension that detects,blocks and stores hateful/violent content online, creating a safe environment for its users and facilitating crime detection by the police.


MiCoFe is an organic fertilizer, the main component of which are roasted coffee wastes (the solid residue that results after preparing coffee with hot water or steam) and various “good” microbes.

Mothers for Mothers

Mothers for Mothers is a media platform particularly targeting new mothers, giving them resources that inform them of their rights, to help them address workload issues, legal problems with employers and more.

Palliative Care for Adults

Palliative Care for Adults is an organization that provides a palliative mobile service, especially aimed at vulnerable residents i.e. the homeless and lonely elderly.

Play it Forward by Goals

Play It Forward is a recreational football (soccer) club. Its main purpose is to bring about social impact through sports to young girls across rural areas around the world.


Upper-Self is an online platform for children and teenagers that will help them tackle psychological issues and guide them along their process of personal development.


Vityuu is a virtual reality application consisting of gamified content, which acts as a tool to overcome feelings of fear and discomfort as they tackle their deepest phobias one level at a time.

The Results

After 1 month of online Community Voting on the participants’ video pitches, a final pitching event was held at Impact Hub Yerevan, where the participants pitched their ideas to members of the jury. 

Honorable Mentions

Palliative care for adults - Consulting

Palliative care for adults - Won a prize of pro-bono consulting

Vityuu - Won a prize of pro-bono consulting

Vityuu - Consulting
BeSafe - Consulting

BeSafe - Won a prize of pro-bono consulting

The Winners!

Jury Award winner - MiCoFe

Jury Award winner - MiCoFe
Community Voting winner - Girlopolis

Community Voting winner - Girlopolis